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Selecting the pool tile is an important step of pool remodeling in Los Angeles since it will dictate how the final finish looks. The standard pool tile size is 6’’ by 6,’’ and you can choose this size for different materials, including stone, ceramic, and porcelain.

If you want to give your pool a dramatic appeal, opt for the 1″ x 1″ pool tile. Most tiles of this size are made of glass, so they’re long-lasting.


You can choose the pool tile depending on the material and budget. Here are some options.

Ceramic and porcelain

These tiles are durable and affordable. Plus, they’re available in different styles and colors. More importantly, they’re scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

Stone pool tile

If you want something rustic, you can select stone-look tiles. These are available in different shapes and textures. Since these tiles have lower porosity, they are not susceptible to mildew or algae growth.


Glass tiles are algae-proof since they’re not porous like other materials. Although they’re the most expensive option, glass tiles are quite durable.

Cost of pool tiles

On average, tiling a pool costs around $3000 in Los Angeles. However, if you’ve chosen glass tiles, you must be prepared to pay another $600 to $700. The total cost might be higher or lower based on the size of the pool.

Pool colors

Since pool tiles are available in different colors, you have a wide range of choices. Here are some common colors:

  • Diamond sand
  • Silvery grey
  • Crystal blue
  • Sapphire blue
  • Graphite grey
  • Ebony blue

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